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Rime Craft Distillers Srl represents the fifth generation of a dynasty that has been producing spirits for almost two centuries in the heart of the Veneto. Today the intuition and passion of Licio and Michela are shared by Giovanna, Olimpia and Giacomo Maschio, who are continuing the tradition.

The idea arose from a desire to fill the gaps in a rapidly growing spirit market, counting on a solid legacy based on experience and knowledge of the secrets handed down in the family.


The mission of RCD is to produce monobotanical distilled gin, mixed to high quality standards and excellent tasted pure: gin to drink neat so that its integrity and aromatic persistence can be fully appreciated.

A challenge, because the natural aroma of juniper is delicate and fragile and only the art of a great master distiller is able to keep the molecular balance lively and stable over time.