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The name “River Mentana”

The word River is used for river diamonds, which are outstanding, with perfect transparency, just like our gin.
Mentana is the cultivar of the ancient grain forming the alcoholic base. It is beautifully scented, creamy grain with good saline content, grown on the shores of the Venice Lagoon.

Monobotanical juniper

Our process starts with a recipe for gin made exclusively of juniper and produced in the 1940s by Domenico Maschio. The ingredients are a wonderful mix of wild juniper growing at an elevation of 400 metres on the left bank of the river Piave, and high-altitude juniper from the forests that provided the Venetian galleys with timber for their oars, where we have planted a new juniper thicket at 1,500m. a.s.l.

Venetian dry gin

River Mentana, Venetian dry gin, is distilled gin produced in the Veneto, in the historic area of the Most Serene Republic of Venice.
The colour of River diamonds, perfectly transparent, it delights the nose with elegant scents of juniper, freshly baked bread, toasted hazel nuts and mint. On the palate it is full-bodied and smooth with hints of minerals and sea salt, white pepper and spices. The end taste is long, sweet-savoury, with almond and cream highlights. Our gin is both soft and dry, extremely fresh, and is great as an aperitif mixed with mild tonic water in the proportions of one part gin to two parts tonic water. Its elegance makes it ideal for drinking straight, so that its more delicate aromas are not diluted or mixed.
Excellent also in Martini Hemingway cocktails, very dry, very venetian.

Net cont 750 ML Alc. 42% by Vol
Decanter bottle with glass stopper